About the change and based on my experience, if we take generations X, Millenials and Z and their tendency to impatience and immediacy of what they need, we would be talking about a scenario like in the song 7 Rings of Ariadna Grande: I like it, I want it, I got it with a frantic rhythm. This brought to the field of companies, needs adjustments in all segments: company, employees, customers and the relationship with them and business so that the harmonization of all assets and processes lead to the highest level of customer satisfaction. The entire value creation chain must be reviewed to build well (not excellent), quickly and capable of incremental improvements. And for this, the level of commitment and talent involved are very high. Therefore we have customers, employees, suppliers and investors as the central area of change.

In this context, the major objectives of the organization are defined to establish a digital transformation strategy and almost all areas of the company need to adapt and cascade those objectives in their respective roadmaps. As they are totally customer oriented and affect processes, these roadmaps must be dealt with in a group manner with various areas involved in order to be able to take advantage of synergies and agreements on priorities in the global action plan and thus reach the degree of sophistication required by the client.

This sharing of plans and the establishment of strategies and global actions and their execution requires holistic profiles that are able to go from one silo to another and win the commitment of each department to drive change through the evangelization of new values within the company, spreading the attitude and spirit necessary to generate a scenario of dialogue and collaboration between profiles and generations of very diverse nature.

This entails many sessions to explain WHY -> HOW -> WHAT using the theory of the golden circle and besides liquid abilities and great human values to approach the positions of each area of knowledge of the company and to obtain the commitment of the key values of the company as well as the identification of the profiles that block the change for its replacement in case necessary.

These holistic profiles do not work alone and collaborate with hyper-specialized profiles in multidisciplinary teams to define and establish roadmaps, identify dependencies between their items and milestones and create strategies and plans for implementation and execution. These multidisciplinary groups face markets with very aggressive changes that will frequently revise roadmaps and adapt them to new needs and opportunities generated by the changes.

An associated difficulty is that both types of profiles may be subject to the investment of much of their time in current operations to maintain compliance and Business as Usual and an important task of these multidisciplinary groups is the identification of these risks and the development of strategies – in many cases with automatisms, renegotiation of contracts and obligations with customers, regulators and suppliers – to resolve them.

I do not believe that the general working tone will be softened in the coming years, we are starting the fourth industrial revolution and the basic pillars must be established in each company. The gap will be big between those who don’t want or don’t prioritize change now, running the risk of being left out of their market niches. So I see that the departments will be reformulated to be multidisciplinary and adapted to cover an area of knowledge of the company. As there are still many changes to be discovered within this revolution, the attitude, openness and resilience will be key to the success of these teams and they can transfer it to success for their companies and customers.